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Pelican Rescue at Mobil Altona Refinery

A pelican was rescued from the roof of a storage tank at Mobil Altona Refinery on recently. The stranded pelican was first noticed during a routine inspection of the Refinery’s south crude tank farm.
It is thought that the pelican landed on the tank roof and then could not fly away as it did not have enough space for a running take off. Tank operations were shut down to enable the rescue by two volunteer wildlife officers from BADGAR Emergency Wildlife Rescue Service, Dale Brooks and Mandy Hall. The tired and dehydrated pelican was taken to Hobsons Bay Vet Clinic for a health check by vet David Elliot. It was later released at the Kororoit Creek near the Mobil Altona Refinery.
Glenn Henson, Mobil Altona Refinery Manager, said “We are grateful for the help provided by BADGAR and we are all delighted that the pelican is expected to make a full recovery.”

ExonMobil have since affirmed their support for the environment and local wildlife by covering the cost for our bushfire rescue teams' safety equipment. This will enable BADGAR crews to further grow the bushfire rescue efforts.

Welcome to BADGAR Hobsons Bay & District. For all wildlife rescue emergencies please call 1300BADGAR, that's 1300 223 427 straight away.

BADGAR Hobsons Bay & District is coordinated by Mandy Hall, a seasoned wildlife rescuer in the area. Mandy and the Hobsons Bay team work extremely closely with Hobsons Bay Council. Educating the public is of paramount importance to Badgar H&D. The city of Hobsons Bay are leading the way in recognising the need for wildlife rescue teams in urban areas and are strong supporters of our work.

If you live in the Hobsons Bay area, we invite you to contact Mandy on 0421 471 007 for details on how to get involved.

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All donations given in this area, STAY in this area. So if you have money, blankets, building materials or services to donate, contact Mandy directly.

HELP BADGAR HOBSONS BAY> Every week, sick or injured wildlife is taken to Hobsons Bay Vet Clinic for assessment. The professional teams help our rescuers treat the wildlife. This of course costs and whilst the vets do their bit where they can, we encourage you to help. DONATE money to the BADAGR vet account at this clinic. You can add as little as $10, by popping in to 312 Melbourne Rd, Newport, or by calling 03 9391 4222.